​​​Allie Cares was created in 2015 with one mission.... to help family pets who need diagnostic and/or medical treatment.   We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) public charity and our goal is to make a difference in pet's lives. 

We understand the fear that comes along with knowing a family member is ill.  Our goal is to provide financial assistance in order for you to make the best decision for your furry family member.  We have seen pets pass away because medical treatment was not provided due to financial limitations and we have seen pets placed in shelters when a pet was very ill.  We want to prevent both situations.  

We believe that by helping in such situations, we can help pets stay with the families they love.  


Our Board


Allie's Story

Our mission

Allie was adopted in 2012 at the age of 12 weeks.  Allie has always been an active and hyper puppy however when she was 8 months old she was rushed to the emergency vet as she was walking as if she was drunk and could not hold her head up straight.  It was described as a wobbly head.  She was treated overnight and released.

Approximately 8-12 month later Allie had an episode in the middle of the night where she acted as if she was in distressed, holding her head up in the air and seeming "spaced".  This episode occurred approximately every 3 to 4 months and the vet wanted us to get it on video.  

In May of 2015 we were able to get the 45 minute episode on video and when Allie's vet saw it, he wanted us to see a Internal Medicine Vet.  At this appointment they noticed a minor leakage in one of her valves which was not causing the issue.  The internist sent Allie to a Neurologist believing Allie would need an MRI and Spinal Tap.  

The Neurologist along with Allie's Mom (founder of Allie Cares) decided that the first step would be to treat Allie as if she had an infection in her brain (one of the things the spinal tap would tell us).  Allie began two types of antibiotics which she needed to take for a month.  One of the medicine was a compound which was quite expensive.

Allie is in the monitoring stage as she finished her medication.

Allie's bills were several thousand and still may not be completed.  Allie is the best pet to represent our organization as she is fighting her illness via diagnostic and medical treatment.  Her spirit is that of a fighter and she has nothing but hope.  Allie was helped by a lot of family and friends and Allie Cares pays this forward by helping other pets in need.  

Our Board is made up of all volunteers who have a love for animals of all kinds.  Take a moment to learn about their backgrounds.  You will find that they are a compassionate group who wants what is best for pets in need.  

Michele L. Frank
President  & Director

Michele is the founder of Allie Cares.  She received her Bachelor of Science from Capella University in Business with a concentration on Human Resource Management.  She has over 25 years of management experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors.  In these roles she has opened departments, motivated and trained employees and exceeded company goals.  Michele was actively involved as a Residential Supervisor of a children’s shelter for abused kids and understands the purpose of a non-profit including the unique diversity of those she serve. 

Michele was previously certified to teach Pet CPR & First Aid as well as instruct a PetSaver course.  She loves teaching people how to help their pets in an emergency and knows that this is such an important part of being a pet parent.  She has worked with pets for several years and understands the importance of having pets in the family.  Michele currently has 8 pets (5 dogs and 3 cats) with several of them volunteering as therapy dogs which has provided her additional opportunities to observe the unique bond between animals and people. 

One of Michele’s pets is the Mascot and name sake of this organization (Allie).  Allie is a Puggle who was diagnosed with unknown neurological issues that required further care.  Her story is detailed to the right.  Michele understands the panic that goes along with wanting to do whatever is necessary to ensure her baby’s well-being and wants to help others in the same situation.

Colette Hill
Treasurer & Director

Colette is one of our founding Directors and is a proud pet parent of two beautiful cats and has worked in banking, finance and real estate related services for over 25 years.  She has been employed in Tampa, Florida as a Title Examiner for over 10 years now.  She maintains a current Title Insurance Agent’s license with the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Colette has always been active in the community has volunteered with the American Cancer Society since 2001.  She has played an active role on the Relay for Life committee since that time, including Event Chair.  She volunteered as Fundraising Chair for this event in which she planned and executed various events throughout the year to encourage the participation of the Relay for Life teams in New Port Richey, Florida.  Her 2012 Relay for Life event has broken records with 55 teams to date.  Her experience, commitment and passion for the cause will certainly be an asset to our organization.

Colette has had many pets throughout her life.  Variety has been important and she has been pet mom to dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pigs, turtles and fish.  She loves them and considers them part of the family.  She has been through the pain of having ill pets and having to say good-bye.  She shares Allie Cares commitment to helping family pets through medical issues.

Marissa Farrelle


New to role.  Bio will be updated shortly.