‚ÄčAllie Cares, Inc is dedicated to helping provide financial support to family pets in need of diagnostic or medical treatment.  Because of this, each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis.  Allie Cares, Inc does not provide support for routine care or treatment such as vaccinations, spaying/neutering or teeth cleaning.  Due to limitations of our support we are currently providing support to Dogs and Cats living in a home environment.  We do not discriminate on breed, age or diagnosis.  

Allie Cares, Inc only makes payments to veterinarian clinics, offices and hospitals.  We will not pay pet parents directly nor will we pay for care provided prior to approval.  Due to being a small organization, we will only be able to accept assistance request from individuals and are unable to support rescues and shelters.  We hope as we grow and be able to support all pets in need.  

We are in our beginning stages of providing support.  We have limited funds available.  If you would like us to consider your pet for assistance please complete our application:  

Applying for Assistance